New Technologies and Better Methodologies

Southern QA continues to invest in new technologies to enhance our range of services.

Eddy-current Weld Inspection

We are now able to offer an innovative approach to in-service detection of surface cracks – without the removal of paint!

Eddy-current inspection can be applied to welds using specialist probes, and can save time and money and retain the integrity of coating systems, whilst still providing effective surface flaw detection.



Bolt Tension Measurement and Monitoring

Ultrasonic bolt tension measurement is a proven technology for critical fastener situations.  Ultra-accurate measurement of bolt length can be achieved rapidly and consistently, ensuring correct and consistent tensions are applied to all bolts.  Use of torque spanners will result in variable tensions due to thread condition, lubrication differences, mating surface flatness etc.  Ultrasonic bolt tension gauges will measure extension (to micron accuracy) or convert to load or applied stress.  It is even possible to have a regular checking program to ensure bolts stay tight!


Rope Access Inspection

In conjunction with rope access companies, Southern QA can undertake rope access inspection for those jobs which would otherwise require expensive access equipment such as scaffolding or cranes.  Southern QA has IRATA qualified rope access inspectors.